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Cube27 is now Free to Play!

Cube27 is a simple, yet challenging 3D matching game where the player's goal is to match pairs of cubes before time runs out. Cube27 includes defenses, powerups, several challenge modes, and different texture packs (including one for colorblind). Cube27 is a fast paced puzzle game that will leave you wanting for more!


Players will find themselves pitted up against solid cubes, viruses, and glitches as they try to complete the puzzle.
  • Solid Bricks are in place to block the player from reaching the cubes they need. They can be removed by the Bomb or Nuke powerups.
  • Viruses are solid cubes with a twist, they are able to infect other cubes near them. This makes those cubes into viruses as well. And as you can imagine this can spread very quickly. Viruses can be removed by the Bomb or Nuke powerups.
  • Glitches are broken solid cubes. This cubes cause all of the surrounding cubes to become disabled for a short time. Every once and a while a glitch may let loose of the cubes it holds, but it may only be for a second. Glitches can be removed by the Bomb or Nuke powerups.


In Cube27 Players are given 4 powerups to help aid them in completing puzzles.
  • The Bomb is used to surgically remove solid cubes that are in the way.
  • Find a Match is used to locate and remove a match for you that you are having difficulty finding.
  • The Stopwatch will freeze the clock for a short while giving you that precious time you need to complete the puzzle.
  • The Nuke is used to remove a large area of solid cubes.

Challenge Modes

As well as a Campaign mode with over 80 puzzles, Cube27 offers 3 challenge modes to test your skills.
  • Rock Solid is a challenge mode where the majority of the cubes have been replaced by solids. The Nuke is your best friend on these puzzles.
  • Out of Control puts a new spin on the game. The player has no control over the camera and is at the mercy of a spinning puzzle.
  • Catch Me if You Can is a challenge mode that requires the player to move quickly. Every few seconds the cubes will switch locations.

Texture Packs

Cube27 offers 4 texture packs to allow the player to customize their experience. Two of these texture packs include the classic Mahjong set and one for the Color Blind.

Minimum System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 64-bit
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • CPU: 2.4 Ghz Single-Core Processor
  • Video Card: NVidia Geforce 2 or higher; ATI Radeon 7500 or higher *
  • Hard Drive: 500MB

* Intel cards are not supported

Install instructions

Installation: Download and double click the .exe and just follow the instructions.


Cube27- 158 MB
Cube27Demo- 158 MB